Yoga Love

To stay fit and healthy, I practice doing yoga on a daily basis. No matter what level you are there is a yoga pose for you that will add agility and strength to your body. Check out a few of my favorites below!

For the yoga lovers out there, the good news is that there are some new moves out there that are fun and great for any level that can be incorporated into your routine. No matter how much I love yoga, there comes a time when a little shot of energy is needed and there is no better way to do that than with new challenges.

It’s only natural to want to reach the next level and challenge yourself with new poses. At the end of the day, you should keep your goals at a certain level and not compromise them if you want to get the most out of your yoga workouts. You should be critical of where you are now and look for new ways where you can gain more knowledge and better your balance.

That’s what practicing yoga is all about anyway – finding the perfect combination of poses bends, and breathing exercises that work ideally for you and your goals. The following list are some of the best exercises you can add to your routine that are great for yogis of all levels.


As a move that opens up the hips, and strengthens the lower back, the Malasana is an excellent squat pose that increases your strength over time and can be adjusted as you gain strength.


It’s quite typical for beginners to have problems when bending down and placing heels towards the ground. Be sure to spin heels in and your toes out, and then to widen that stance. If you are having problems dropping to a full squat, use one or two blocks to sit on.


Now is the time to elevate the exercise by adding your arms. Move forward and wiggle upper arms to the inside part of your legs. Bring psalm together in front of the chest and push chest into thumbs. This is one way to naturally encourage rotation of the external parts.


The full Malasana is generally performed with your feet together, knees in a wide stance, and midsection folded with arms extended. This is definitely one of my favorite poses that I use to release my hips and back after a particularly stressful day.

Chaturanga Dandasana

As a popular pose in Vinyasa yoga, Chaturanga is a pose that should not be rushed because if you do, there may be ligament damage. Instead slow and steady wins the race. It is important to note that this pose must be carefully executed in order to protect yourself against injuries.


The majority of people don’t have the strength to execute without good alignment. I advise people to try this pose with knees down initially. You should draw the midsection up so that your lower back is protected. Keep elbows tight to the ribcage and stacked above wrists.


Look forward when doing this exercise and try not to round out your back. Rotate shoulders back and keep yourself focused on your heart rate when lowering yourself, remembering to keep elbows over wrists and not falling behind the wheels of hands.

Parivrtta Utkatasana
Sirsasana II


Janu Sirsasana